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Antivirus software applications are those, which are used to check any existing malware, ransomware, virus, and any other type of attack that has been done on your computer. The hackers try to retrieve sensitive information is stored in the user’s PC and use it to harm him. There are many antivirus software available in the market and Norton is one of them. Previously, Norton was a very heavy software.

It worked good but slowed down the computer. The company has now improved the software and users will not find such problem again. The security provided by this software eliminates the worry a user has regarding different types of attacks.

There are many products available, which include basic, standard, deluxe, and premium version. The premium version is the costliest and has many features in comparison to other versions. Some of the features are listed here.

  •       The premium version helps to prevent the attacks of malware, spyware, viruses, and ransomware.
  •        The financial and other sensitive data are secured when the user connects to internet.
  •        The premium version uses the cyber intelligence to protect the systems from cyber threats.
  •         The firewall helps to protect the system from unauthorized access.
  •        The software is updated automatically to secure the system from new threats.
  •         A support executive is always available as soon as the user subscribes.
  •         One subscription can be used to protect many devices running on different operating systems.
  •          The web portal is easy to use and users can protect their devices through it.
  •         The premium version also lets the children browse the internet safely.
  •         The users can take backup of their files by configuring which types of files should be included in the backup.

·        The premium version provides a 25GB storage space for free.

Norton Security + VPN

Norton security protects the system from different attacks while VPN is used to encrypt the data that is being sent or received. Users can do man y tasks in a secured environment. They can check mails, pay bills, enjoy social media, and many more activities.

Online Threats

If a user has bought a new computer and there is no antivirus software, then the system can be attacked easily. If the system has inferior or free antivirus software, that too cannot save the system for a long time. The software used by cyber criminals is very sophisticated and they can steal the information very easily.
Norton consistently keeps an eye on existing as well as new threats and develops the ways of protecting the user’s system.

Top security services

The employees of Norton are very dedicated and because of this, the company has fought many competitors and defeated them. The company has won 39 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award due to its services.

Multiple operating system support

The premium version supports multiple operating systems so users can protect all their devices running on various operating systems. The installation of the software is easy and one subscription can protect many devices.


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