Rick Ross Net Worth 2023


 Rick Ross, the person who set up and is the CEO of the Maybach Music Group and is in the richest Rapper list now. He is not always in the music business, he is actually a correctional officer in Florida. Despite the fact that there were some controversies that surrounded him he got a lot of respect in this industry. Continue to read to see what the net worth of 2020! 

His Childhood and Growing Up

His full name is William Leonard Roberts II and he was born in Coahoma County, in the state of Mississippi but he grew up in the poor area of ​​Carol City, Florida. He went to the high school of Carol City and played football which finally made him a scholarship for college (Albany Georgia State University) which he attended for a year.

 Over the years he has a fair problem with the law and he was arrested again in 2008 because he had weapons and marijuana in his ownership. He was also demanded by DJ Vlad in 2010 for harassment and "freeway" sued because of the problem of copyright infringement and it was only a few of them.  


From 1995 to 1997 Rick Ross had a job in Florida as a correction officer but then stopped and began his career in rap and began writing the lyrics. His first song was named "Aint Shhhh to discuss." He got the stage name because of stories about drug dealers Rick Ross. In 2006 he issued his first album called Port of Miami and hit the Billboard 200 has a lot of hits on it. Two years later the album both came out called Trilla who displayed likes, this was life, here I and my boss. 2009 came and it was time for the third album released. The name is deeper than rap and it reaches number one in Billboard 200 and sells nearly 500 thousand copies in the US. The following 4 albums came out in 2010 and sold more copies (720K in the US only).  

The Net Worth of Rick Ross

To this day, the net worth is considered around $ 35 million and with it, it is on the list of the 20 richest rapper. He got the 19th place in the list in 2017 when he got $ 11.9 million. We are happy to see what he has achieved in the future.


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