Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2023


 Mother of one of the most famous babies on this planet and fiancee to one of the most controversial artists Music Kim Kardashian proves that he is more than just a reality star. In the 8th season it continued to Kardashians had helped launch Kim's career and the remaining Kardashian clan. He came out undergoing 15 minutes of fame and turned his name to a brand and title to Mogul Media. 33 years old American beauty Armenia is worth more than $ 50 million. His weekly salary from E! Online more than done most CEOs.Kim and Kanye are the main pair of strength. Rapper from Chicago has produced a lot of hits for Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, 2 Chainz, and more. Kanye West has made my own milestone. His resumes include fashion designers, songwriters, film directors, producers and jackass most popular. But it hasn't stopped his popularity and reputation in the world of music. He sold more than 21 million albums and won 21 Grammy Awards. So the music is most talked about and T.V. The most published has joined. The couple even asked for their wedding at Versailles in Paris! Very ill!

He covered more than 40 magazines around the world and remained the dominant force of social media with strong fans. His Twitter account has nearly 20 million followers. That's more followers than every member of the US Congress has combined. Does it make a national treasure Kim? Not necessarily but it proves its influence and power over millions of people around the world.The public image makes it a classic spokesperson for the product. Since 2007 KIM has supported more than 40 products and brands including the fashion path and its own weight loss pills. In 2014, support from Kim will come with a decent price label. Just ask Skechers Footwear who paid Kim in 2013 $ 10,000 for each pic twitt posted from him wearing their "shape" footwear. Are you kidding?With so much influence on pop culture, he passed him to his precious baby girl in the West. It was reported that the US weekly, magazine people, and ok! All offered Kim up to $ 5 million for the first northwest photo before he was born. Wow! He took a high route and was passed on a photo sharing offer with 20 million Twitter followers.Kim Kardashian recently gave birth to his first child in the northwest with Kanye's girlfriend. Pregnancy and divorce from Kris Humphries's basketball player has become headlines for thousands of media outlets. But the star was used to this attention spent the last 8 years of life under the supervision of the media. Born of a rich family in Calabassas California outside Los Angeles, his father Robert Kardashian is a famous lawyer who gets attention to work on o.j. Simpson Murder's trial. He grew up in Los Angeles going to school with celebrity friends Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Gastineau.After college he himself entered the entertainment world as a celebrity stylist. He worked with R & B singer Brandy and his brother Ray J. He began dating Ray J in 2003 and after their relationship ended in 2006 Sex footage leaked Kim and singer R & B. The recording entered the obvious entertainment hand that released The video publicly leads to a lawsuit from Kim with $ 1 million. The lawsuit was then imposed and the rights were sold to clear entertainment for a $ 5 million deal.Paris and Reality Show Nicole, simple life canceled by E! And in the same year the network chases Kardashians. This series was made by Eliot Goldberg and Ryan Seacrest. The show followed the Kardashian family exploitation. This series leads to some spin off including Kourtney & Kim taking Miami and Khloe & Lamar. In 2011 he walked down the hall during the second marriage with Brooklyn Nets Player Kris Humphries. This series collects 10 million viewers. Only 3 weeks later he and Humphries filed for divorce. In the 6th season keeping Kardashians revealed him and Kanye West dated. In 2013 the sex of their North West baby was revealed at the Premier Episode of Season 7. Kim made $ 80,000 per episode.With a television ratification and appearance offer, he has a net worth of $ 40 million. In May 2012 according to Forbes, he got $ 18 million. Last year he had appeared in more than 63 magazine covers. He has spread his name and his face in one marketing painting and launched his own product. In 2012 the aroma produced more than $ 6 million in retail sales. With Sisters Kourtney and Khloe he designed the lines of clothing, Kardashian Kollection for Sears, opened a new location from family boutiques, Dash, and celebrated the launch of Kardashian Khaos, a specialty store in Las Vegas' Mirage Hotel.


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