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March 24, 1960

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Short introduction

Gabriele Susanne Kerner was born on March 24, 1960 in Hagen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. She became known as a singer under the stage name Nena, who also had international success.

Early life


whose genuine name is Nena, grew up with a more youthful sibling and a more youthful sister. She left secondary school after the 11th grade. Nena, a prepared goldsmith, turned into an artist in a band. In 1978 she showed up with The Stripes, continued in late 1979 by the main delivered single. The LP and different singles were not an incredible achievement. The Stripes split in 1981.


Nena moved to West Berlin with her beau and established the band Nena there. Because of the appearance on TV, people in general became mindful of the band Nena and the band arrived at a spot in the German graphs with the melody "Nur imagined". The single "99 inflatables" followed. This tune was found unintentionally by a DJ in Los Angeles, accordingly spread all through North America and was sold huge number of times in the United States. The melody turned into a worldwide super hit. More collections followed before the band separated in 1987 and Nena began her performance vocation some time later. She likewise delivered a few kids' tune collections and showed up on TV all the more regularly, both as an entertainer and as a moderator. In 2002 she made a rebound with new forms of her old hits. In 2003 the Nenas two part harmony with Kim Wilde was delivered. The melody "Wherever, Anywhere, Anytime" is a change of a prior hit. In Germany it came third in the graphs. Even after this redo hit, she showed up on TV all the more regularly, not similarly as an artist. In 2011, Nena was a jury part and mentor in the projecting show "The Voice of Germany". In summer 2018, Nena commended her 40th commemoration as an artist and visited through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

 Career highlights

Point of fact, the tune "99 inflatables" was the feature of Nena's vocation. The melody arrived at the highest rated spot not just in Germany, additionally in Mexico, Canada, Japan and Australia. The German rendition arrived at the runner up on the Billboard graphs in the USA and the English variant "99 Red Balloons" in the UK diagrams ahead of everyone else. 

Amazing facts

At three years old, Gabriele was an extended get-away with her families in Spain. There local people called her Nena, which signifies "young lady". Gabriele's folks preferred this epithet and from that point on Nena was Gabriele's moniker. That is only one of the astounding realities about Nena. The following are four additional intriguing realities about Nena that ought to just be known to devoted fans. Nena was asked in the Madison discotheque in Hagen whether she needed to join The Stripes as an artist. Christiane F., who became popular for the book "We Children from the Zoo Station", was to a great extent liable for the global accomplishment of "99 inflatables". She took the melody alongside other German tunes to the USA. There a DJ became mindful of the melody. Since the tune "99 Balloons" or the English adaptation was Nena's just hit outside Europe, it is viewed as an alleged one-hit wonder in these two nations. Nena is a veggie lover and was granted the "Hottest Vegetarian of the Year 2010" by PETA Germany for her way of life.


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