Shroud Net Worth 2023


 The shroud is a very popular Canadian streamer. He first flowed in Twitch, but he moved to the mixer in October 2019. He played many games on the river, and what he played the most was the battle of Royals and the first person shooter.

 If you want to know more about the shroud and what is clean wealth, keep reading this article.  

Early Life of Shroud

Shroud's real name is Michael Grzeseek. He is a Canadian, but he is a Poland descent. His father came from Poland, and his mother from Canada. The shroud did not go to college because he became very successful and popular in playing games when he was 19 years old. He was active in the gaming world since 2013, when he began to flow on Twitch and YouTube. He quickly started competing in a professional video game tournament.  

Shroud’s Career

Michael never had a normal job, because he didn't have to do it. He began playing games, and he became popular in the streaming community. The first people began to pay attention to him when he became part of the Ch Cloud9's CS team: Go. In 2014 he signed for them and he was part of the team for four years. He was part of the team when they won the 4th season of the ESL Pro League when they won the SK game in the final. In April 2018, he left CS competitive: left but also the left cloud9.  The shroud was one of the most popular and he was the second most active channel followed at Twitch, when he moved, but he decided to move to Mixer in October 2019. When he was on his broadcast arrival the most watched in February. 2019, when he has 202,000 viewers for a nine-hour stream of playing Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege. And in total, he channels more than 6,350 hours of gameplay in twitching. One other popular platform Shroud is YouTube. The channel has more than five and half a million customers, and about half a billion total video displays.   In his career he played many games such as CS: Go, Pubg, Apex Legends, GTA V, Battlefield V, and World of Warcraft.Now the shroud hopes he will pull the same thing on the mixer as he has in twitching. He managed to collect more than 300,000 followers at the end of his first stream on the mixer, but there was a long way to stay quiet.   

Shroud’s Personal Life

The shroud has established a relationship with Jessica Rago, who previously worked for Hyperx and now worked as a talent manager in Loadedgg. But they both broke up in January 2019. Both had two dogs together, but they decided that the dogs had to stay with Jessica because he had more time to care for them. He now has a new boyfriend, Hannah Kennedy. Hannah amounted to two years older than him and he was also a streamer with more than 140k followers with twitching. But he is also a digital marketing expert and graphic designer. The nickname is BNAN.  

Shroud’s Net Worth

Mike is a very successful young man and he produces a lot of money with satisfied streaming, sponsored, and merch. The net wealth is estimated to be an amazing $ 4 million. He gets this money through flow, donations, advertisements, and sponsorship flows on twitches and mixers. But he also gets a decent amount of money from YouTube's income and sponsor offers.


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