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May 17, 1946

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Short introduction

Udo Lindenberg, brought into the world in 1946 in Gronau in Westphalia, is quite possibly the best German singer. First he played drums in quite a while prior to changing to the job of artist. It was likewise unique when his vocation as a front man started that he sang in German. He turned out to be especially known during the 1980s since he dealt with appearances in and moving toward the GDR. He is as yet effective in Germany with his pieces. He additionally began a vocation as a painter from the 1990s.


Early life

Brought into the world in Gronau, he showed himself how to play the drums. After his school days, which finished at 15 years old, he started preparing as a server in Düsseldorf. During this time he previously showed up with different groups. At 17, he played in a US military club in Libya for a year. He then, at that point, started concentrating on music, did his tactical help and went to Hamburg in 1968, where he kept on dealing with his profession as an artist. Working with different craftsmen made it feasible for him to earn enough to pay the bills, however he was at first not ready to make more noteworthy progress. 


In 1971 he delivered his first LP, on which he actually sang in English. This was trailed by the primary LP in German, which didn't deliver any achievement either, except for the single "Hoch im Norden", which was delivered as a radio hit in northern Germany. With the accompanying collection "Andrea Doria" Udo Lindenberg at long last made his forward leap. More than 100,000 duplicates sold presented to him the primary German artist to win 1,000,000 dollar contract with a record name. In his melodies he designed various craftsmanship figures like Bodo Ballermann or Rudi Ratlos. he next years brought further extraordinary triumphs and Udo Lindenberg distributed his first book. During the 1980s he got colossal consideration for his piece "Exceptional Train to Pankow", in which he addressed the GDR straightforwardly and wished to have the option to perform there. This didn't occur, nonetheless, except for a show before a chose crowd in the Palace of the Republic. By the by, Udo Lindenberg had given an unmistakable sign that he generally considered himself to be a political craftsman. During the 1990s, he remained exceptionally useful, however his records as of now not had the accomplishment of earlier years. That changed in 2002 with a revue on German melodies from the principal half of the twentieth century. His next ordinary collection was just delivered in 2010, however meanwhile he was associated with different creations and had additionally become well known as a painter. In 2011 his melodic "Hinterm Horizont" had its debut in the venue on Potsdamer Platz, just as other significant TV appearances and other fruitful singles. This eventually brought about the way that he visited the huge arenas of Germany interestingly, with incredible endorsement from his fans and pundits. Beginning around 1996 he has again been joined by the first line-up of his "Frenzy Orchestra", which was established in 1973, however at that point discovered various ways. Meanwhile, the "Frenzy Orchestra" is regularly upheld by genuine ensembles during Udo Lindenberg's exhibitions.  

Career highlights

The "unique train to Pankow", really a cover form of an American jazz piece, is likely his greatest hit. All things considered, he likewise accomplished enormous triumphs in the late period of his vocation, particularly in 2016, when he finished a sold-out arena visit all through Germany.The Federal Cross of Merit ought to be viewed as the most elevated qualification, for which he got various different honors. Counting the "Reverberation" and the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin a few times.  

Amazing facts

Udo Lindenberg is a declared social liberal. Throughout this he likewise showed up at Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's birthday celebration. He lives for all time in the lodging "Atlantic Kempinski" in Hamburg. There he likewise runs his own studio, where he fills in as a painter. In 1989 he got the Federal Cross of Merit for his endeavors to draw nearer to the GDR. At 22 years old, Udo Lindenberg nearly turned into a sailor, however at that point chose in an unexpected way. He is an affirmed devotee of the ARD cleanser "Repetition Rosen". In his initial a very long time in Hamburg he lived in a common condo, where Marius Müller-Westernhagen and Otto Waalkes likewise inhabited occasions. Udo Lindenberg plays the drums in the title tune of the "crime location", essentially in the rendition that was utilized in the initial eight years.


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