Crystal Westbrooks Net Worth 2023


 Recently, many people become popular thanks to social media. Naturally, everyone tries to start such a career, but not everyone can achieve it. Fortunately for Crystal Westbrooks, he did a fantastic job by promoting himself on Instagram, and he gained more than 1.2 million followers. At present, he is a reality and internet star and model, too. We can see it, along with his family, on a TV show called The Westbrooks.

If you want to know the path of The Internet Star Crystal Westbrook, we recommend that you read the article below.

Early life

Crystal Westbrooks was born in Florida on March 6, 1993. The crystal grew with six siblings, and his parents were Candace and Warren Westbrooks. Crystals have Mexican roots, Creole and African Americans. His parents have a Royal Blunts company. He spent his childhood in Compton, Los Angeles South, California.

After he completed the Ambler Avenue SD, Westbrooks continued his education at the Santiago High School in Corona. Then, he received a degree in business finances in Texas Southern University.

Professional Career

Crystal began his career after he made a tumblr account, and then, continued on Instagram. Over time, he gained many followers, and blessings, he got various modeling offers. The first offer comes from Harley Dreux retailer.

After that, he gained more popular, so he got more work from a company like Tiffany Jewels, Eburns style, a slim medical health spa, and Ratu Missus makeup.

Crystal also has a cosmetic line called Crystal curl, and he sells conditioner and shampoo.

His parents got an idea about the reality show, which would be based on their daughter. After they sent a video to several TV stations, the betting network began filming the show. Reality shows follow Crystal and his family in their daily lives. Thanks to the event the Westbrooks Crystal became increasingly famous and produced more wealth.

Personal Life

Crystal has an exciting love life. At one point, he established a relationship with Rapper Drake. Interestingly, Drake dated his sister before the crystal, but the sister was fine with it.

At present, he is in a satisfying relationship with Steven Russell, who is also a rapper.

Crystal Westbrooks Net Worth 2020

Crystals make a lot of money as a model and internet star. His clean wealth was impressive in 2020, the net wealth of Westbrook crystals was $ 5 million. There is no doubt that Westbrooks will produce more wealth so far.


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