Corie Rayvon Net Worth 2023


 Corie Razvon is an American YouTuber and Instagram sensation. He was especially interested in makeup and mode, so that the YouTube channel contained tutorials, tips and tricks for better clothing, the daily makeup routine. To keep his followers entertained, he posted a reaction, pranks, and challenges too.

With Jilly Anais, a pop star that rises, he has another channel and with his ex-girlfriend, Khalil Underwood, popular recording artists, comedians, and internet sensations.

Corie has been popular on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, but his fame hasn't arrived yet. Find out what he did, his income and past relationships.

Internet Fame

With a dream to become an actress and model, Corie Rayvon moved to Los Angeles in 2015. However, he chose to start with social media.

Because he was a good friend of Pop singer Jilly Anais, they both launched the YouTube channel "Bestfriend Diaries" on January 9, 2016. They posted about beauty and fashion but did not get many customers. However, they have fun to do challenges and jokes.

In May the same year, Corie decided to leave with her solo channel. The first video is called "my curly hair tutorial." Now, he has accumulated more than 475 customers who admire the delicious curly. Also, he uploaded a video challenge, pranks, reactions, and time of charming.

At this time, Rayvon was no more interested in recording pranks and challenges. He is more active on Instagram and opened for collaboration.

During his relationship with popular recording artists, comedians, and internet sensations of Khalil Underwood, from 2017 to 2018, he has a channel called "Khail and Corie." They announced their separation in this channel but also stated hey might come up with more projects in the future. They also plan to make gaming channels.

As we said, Corie Rayvon is building her Instagram celebrity career. He has around 780,000 followers. He posted a photo of himself showing a beautiful curved body and amazing curly hair.

Corie Rayvon Net Worth 2020

Corie's income is mostly from Instagram promotion. As a model, he has modeled to lounge, finished advertising for bright hair bear and teeth whitening and he is a brand ambassador for the swimming icon.

It is estimated that Corie Rayvon's net worth can from 100,000 to 1 million dollars.

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