Joel Osteen Net Worth 2023


 Joel Osteen comes from America, and he is a senior pastor of the Lakewood Church located in Houston, in the state of Texas. Osteen is also a televangelist and a writer. He is considered a celebrity, and if you want to know more about this man and what is the net worth of 2020, then we suggest that you continue to read our article. 


Joel Osteen's zodiac sign is Pisces, because he was born on March 5, 1968. His mother's name was Dolores Pilgrim, and his father, named John Osteen, was the founder of the Lakewood Church. His father was a South Baptist priest. Joel has five other siblings - Paul, Lisa, Tamara, and April, and Justin's half brother. 


Until 1999, Joel Osteen runs the program, but has never appeared on television. Unfortunately, his father died of a heart attack, and immediately after his death, Joel Osteen continued his work. At first, the church had around 5,000 visitors, but soon grew to around 43,000. The fame of the Lakewood Church allowed Osteen to renovate the Compaq Center, which was once used by the NBA Houston Rockets. 

After several years of renovating, the church is ready to be activated, and on the premiere day, many famous guests come to attend. Some of the guests were Governor of Texas, a minority leader of Nancy Pelosi's house, and Rick Perry. They sat between 56,000 people. Osteen's sermon style attracted many visitors, and he immediately became very popular. Barbara Walters and John McCain once said how he was one of the most interesting and inspirational and author of the author. 

In addition to his church service, he, as we mentioned before, a writer. Joel Osteen has published many books so far, and they are more than successful. Some of these books include your better: 7 keys to improve your life every day, your best life now: 7 steps to live with your full potential, my strength, new start, every Friday and this is your time . 

Personal life

Joel Osteen is a happy man married. He and his wife Victoria Ipllof, who is Co-Father Osteen, has been married since 1987, and they share with children, Jonathan and Alexandra. Because they have been in the public eye so long, they experienced many rumors of controversial advertisements about their marriage. 

The Osteen family lives in a large house, which has an estimate of $ 10.5 million, but Osteen once stated how the money was not important and that the welfare of the family and his friend was the most important thing in the world, among your own welfare.  

Joel Osteen Net Worth 2020

In 2020, Joel Osteen's net wealth was somewhere between $ 40 million and $ 60 million.


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